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Get Uncomfortable (and 13 other ways to be more creative)!

Written by Jeff Tobe on November 25, 2015

The imaginative minds at Purple Elephant Promotions created a mascot for their company.  Naturally, it was a purple elephant.  “It’s a symbol of our promise never to forget,” says owner Darrell Marriott, “but more important, it is our brand in the marketplace.  It’s difficult to stay creative and stay good…It’s…Read More

What Comes After the ‘But’?

Written by Jeff Tobe on July 28, 2015

Why is Starbucks so successful in selling you a $4.00 cup of coffee when MacDonald’s charges $2.00?

Why does a stay at a Ritz Carlton hotel seem much different than at a stay at the Holiday Inn?

Most people today would answer that it’s all about ‘customer service’ when, in fact, they…Read More