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Revamp Your Customer Service Experience: Tips from International Keynote Speaker Jeff Tobe on Thinking Outside the Lines

What makes a potential customer say “Yes?”. “Jeff’s CX training and keynotes challenge your team to think outside their comfort zones to come up with the answers already hidden within your organization”.. By harnessing their inner innovators, they’ll be inspired to transform your company’s touch points into a series of exceptional experiences that garner engaged internal customers and loyal external customers.

Jeff Tobe Speaker on customer service experience

Watch Jeff Tobe in action!

See his interactive, humorous keynoting style and get useful tips on how to creatively make the shift from service to experience.

Creativity and Innovation, Customer Experience, and Employee Engagement Presentations

Jeff’s mastery of customer experience strategies extend from creating an engaged work force to following and planning customer touch points throughout the entire customer engagement process. His innovative keynotes apply whether your “customer” is a retail consumer or an internal department within your organization.

He’s been hailed as “one of the top 15 speakers in North America” for his engaging presentation style, and he brings just as much energy and enthusiasm to his half-day customer experience workshops —with programs customized to your organization’s needs.

In his usual, high energy, humorous style, Certified Speaking Professional Jeff Tobe shows attendees that customer service is no longer good enough! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional (educator, attorney, physician, etc.), a management professional, or an entrepreneur… you now have to consider the ‘CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE’ from the minute they make contact with us until the minute they are done!

Creatively changing the way you do business and look at what you do, will open many doors. Jeff Tobe will unleash your innovative thinking skills and challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone to position what your organization offers more creatively than ever before.

Jeff’s newest keynote teaches audiences how to be more engaged at work! Through the “Four Pillars of Engagement”: Curiosity, Trust, Accountability and Communication, anyone can become more engaged. It is not about WANTING to be engaged at work, it’s about “Acting as if…!”

Listening Between the Lines: Effective Communication Skills

“Listening is power in the communication process” according to Jeff Tobe. All world class professionals have perfected their listening skills. Have your people? If not, then Jeff shares nine techniques to more effective listening and communication which will set you apart from your competition.

Creative Team Building

Effective teams increase workplace morale and productivity. Teams that are innovative make fewer mistakes, save money and are more efficient. Jeff Tobe explores the creation of interdependence in teams and how the most powerful teams foster self-motivation among their members.

The data on current studies point to congruence between better provider care, patient satisfaction, and reimbursement. There is quantifiable evidence in the form of patient experience surveys supporting the notion that quality outcomes and high levels of patient satisfaction lead to quality improvements and better reimbursement pipelines. Jeff is passionate that it’s no longer good enough to check to boxes to ensure Medicare reimbursement or satisfy compliance regulations; it’s time to truly CARE about the patient.