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“There he was, Jeff Tobe, one of the most dynamic and thought-provoking speakers I’ve ever encountered, was delivering his presentation on “Coloring Outside the Lines: Creating a New HR Experience”. weekend football betting tips uk today expert football predictions uk Besides finding myself laughing and occasionally clapping at Jeff’s anecdotes, I learned from him some brilliant, novel perspectives.”
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Michelle Hwang,
Corporate Training Specialist at UC Berkeley
“I attended your Seminar in April in Philadelphia. When I attended, my position within my company was Customer Service/Office manager. As of August 1, my new position is Sales/Marketing manager. I attribute my accomplishment to the tools and motivation I received from attending your class. Thank you so much!”
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Kathy Rogers
Foamark Inc. Council Bluffs, IA
“As you know, this was the first time that we have held a teambuilding ‘event’ for our entire firm-a group of people who are definitely NOT outside-the-lines! Getting 350 people motivated enough to go out on city streets to produce their 5 minute videos was a challenge in itself. The most amazing part was the positive feedback we have received in the aftermath. You have made us look like heroes and for that we say thank you. Good luck in topping this next year!”
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Elicia Troesse
Deloitte and Touche, Pittsburgh, PA
“Jeff …. Just want to follow up and tell you how much I appreciated your presentation and your work with my senior managers. After having seen you at CMAA, I knew you would be a perfect fit for our “Best in Show” theme. Having ‘interviewed’ many of our people beforehand was brilliant and the customization you did for us was unprecedented. Thanks also for being so easy to work with. We are meeting Friday to design our “Post Jeff” action plan.”
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Steve Matlaga
CCM GM/CEO, Greensboro Country Club
“Your presentation was transformative for me! As I drove home (avoiding the rearview mirror as much as possible), the images you created, quite simply, made my heart sing! You are truly an inspiration and a treasure! “
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Maggie Miller
County of Sonoma
“Jeff was a last minute addition to our agenda and we have never used an outside speaker in the past! What a hero I am! He not only brought a completely different perspective to our group, but his energy and his enthusiasm were contagious. We plan on brining Jeff back two more times this year.”
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Marc Tannenbaum
Signature Financial
“Thank you so much for your inspirational talk the other day. I have been beaming since I left, feeling renewed with a set a different eyes (or perhaps just perspective). I love that your dad’s poem was the catalyst to your entire “platform”. That was so touching, and it stayed with me….as did your stick people drawing.”
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Stacie Davies
Old Republic Home Protection
“Thanks so much for presenting to the NY chapter of the IAEE. Everyone LOVED your presentation and workshop. We had never offered this format before, I am glad you were the one to kick off the year. I got all kinds of great comments ranging from “bring him back” to “He taught me things I can use in my business TODAY!” Thanks for making me look great.”
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Florence Torres
“As you know, I bring in speakers 8 times each year for the past 15 years or so. Rarely do I have somebody who my group of very fussy CEO’s really “get”. They got it! Working with them on being creative when it comes to the customer experience was incredibly well-received and I thank you for that. Speakers like you make my job a lot easier!”
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Stanley A.
Wyner, CMS Chair, Buffalo/Niagara, NY
“I really enjoyed your presentation. The energy you brought to the group was refreshing and fun. The best I saw during the entire 2 1/2 day conference.”
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Katie Slick
“No matter which program he is presenting, Jeff Tobe is energetic, humorous and insightful all at the same time. To keep our diverse group of technical services people engaged for 2 hours is a feat unto its own!”
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Michael Loeffel
Veolia Environmental Services
“… I use much of the information you offered and I can proudly say that it has paid off — my sales increased 60% over a 30 day period…”
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Beth Cross
State Sign Corp.
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