Putting the care back in HealthCARE!

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The surveys don’t lie.

The data from current studies point to congruence between better provider care, patient satisfaction, and reimbursement. There is quantifiable evidence in the form of patient experience surveys supporting the notion that quality outcomes and high levels of patient satisfaction lead to quality improvements and better reimbursement pipelines. Jeff is convinced that it’s no longer good enough to check the boxes to ensure Medicare reimbursement or satisfy compliance regulations: it’s time to truly CARE about the patient.

Why choose Jeff Tobe?

  • Jeff Tobe, CSP, is one of the North America’s leading experts in the field of world-class patient experience, staff engagement and culture change. He has been the featured keynote speaker at conferences in more than 42 countries and has spoken to over 10,000 people on patient experience, employee engagement, and strategic leadership in healthCARE today. Jeff focuses on the “CARE” in healthcare!
  • Jeff is known for his passion and enthusiasm in delivering inspirational keynote presentations and long-term training that creates impact and brings transformation to healthCARE organizations. Practical applications are backed by moving stories taken from real-life experiences with healthCARE organizations.
  • Jeff created the 4-hour video training series PATIENTS ROCK!
  • Jeff is also the founder of the TOUCHPOINT INITIATIVE, in which participating healthcare CEO’s re-examine their “customer” (internal and external) touchpoints to improve the patient experience.
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