Coloring Outside the Lines – Exploring Creativity, Marketing and Sales for Home Based Businesses

You’ve taken the first risky step of starting a home-based business. What do you do now?

“The only thing that differentiates your service or your product from any others is your ability to look at what you do from a whole new perspective,” says Jeff Tobe, award-winning
entrepreneur and speaker. In Coloring Outside the Lines: Exploring Creativity, Marketing and Sales for Home-Based Businesses, Tobe gives you real tools to grow your business, recruit great talent and have the confidence it takes to succeed in this crazy marketplace.

  • Look at your opportunity from a whole new perspective
  • How to gage success in your home-based business
  • Understand your prospect better than anyone else
  • Grow your organization
  • Attain and retain great people

Through the entertaining business life-lessons in his book, Tobe reveals how to awaken the “creative giant within”. Tobe’s examples of street-smart sales tactics, exemplary customer experiences and outside-the-lines marketing will inspire you to implement innovative solutions to your opportunity as you move forward. Whether you are a multi-million dollar producer or you are just getting started, Jeff’s powerful and fun stories will motivate you to outthink rather than outspend your competition.

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