Creating the IDEAL Customer Experience

Jeff Tobe Speaker

Coloring Outside the Lines™...

This high-energy, participatory, humorous session has received outstanding reviews from diverse business professionals around the world, including, Pepsi Cola, Allstate Insurance, Chase Bank and many others. Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe, challenges you to step outside your comfort zone in positioning yourself more creatively than ever before. He provides the insight you require to give yourself the ‘competitive edge‘ for which we all strive by preparing an organization for ‘THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE’.

To be effective in today’s marketplace, one must step beyond customer SERVICE and begin to consider the EXPERIENCE our customer/client/patient has with our organization. The first step is to shatter the stereotype of the experience they expect to have. Next, we have to systematically create, be aware of and execute the perfect EXPERIENCE each and every time. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are retail-focused, b to b focused or b to consumer… we ALL have to take our businesses to the next level by examining “their” perspective of what we do.

Staging experiences has often been confused with entertaining customers. It’s NOT about entertainment as much as it is about ENGAGEMENT! Tobe teaches that there are four “realms” of an experience – entertainment, education, escape and estheticism – “mutually compatible domains that often co-mingle to form uniquely personal encounters”. Participants learn the steps required to ensure that their whole team is involved in engaging THEIR customer. They also learn how to implement the experience for the “internal customer” as well. Most of all, Jeff’s presentation is fun and content-rich with tools to use the minute participants leave the workshop.


  • How to spark innovative thinking-in yourself and others
  • How to challenge your existing “boundaries” when it comes to communicating with your team
  • To see our world through our customer’s eyes
  • How to “DE-COMMODITIZE” our business and go from goods/services to customer enlightenment
  • That there are 3 areas in which to focus (ERASE, EXPAND and TRANSFORM) in any successful business today
  • The need to “humanize” our business and go from TRANSACTION to INTERACTION
  • How to implement the 6 “I’s” of the experience
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